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Digital Visual Acuity Panel Chart w/ remote and 24" TV

Precision Equipment

  • 79900

This is a new complete acuity system.  It includes the TV, TV remote, wall mount, Acuity unit and remote, including all power and connection cables.  


  • Fits any LCD monitor or TV set
  • No computer needed
  • Works out of the box- plug and play
  • Full functional including multiple charts
  • Randomization button
  • RF omnidirectional wireless remote- no aiming
  • Fluorescent keypad-testing in a dark room is easier
  • High definition
  • Plugs into USB port on TV - no dangling power cables
  • Compact size
  • Upload your own video, audio and image files
  • Smart Calibration
  • Easy setup
  • Mirror function available
  • Online upgrades- use your wireless network

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