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Optovue iVue SD-OCT

Precision Equipment

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Unit includes everything you need to test in your office.  iVue camera, chinrest, monitor, mouse, Optovue control unit, laptop PC running windows XP, foot pedal, power table, lens for testing, manuals.  6 month warranty covers parts and labor in our office.  Unit is shipped via freight truck and securely packed for safety using our foam in place system.  Please feel free to call or message us with any questions.

The first Spectral-Domain OCT for every clinical practice. The iVue SD-OCT is the next phase in advanced OCT product design and the first true WorldOCTTM.
With the complete offering of retina, glaucoma and anterior segment scanning as standard, iVue is the perfect advanced, yet easy-to-use OCT for clinical practices. The streamlined user interface, small foot print, and familiar slit lamp style delivery design all contribute to fast and efficient clinical use and patient throughput.


  • Retina Mapping with Normative Comparison
  • 6 x 6mm Retinal Thickness map
  • 7 Line Hi-res Raster
  • 250 micron separation
  • Retina Change Analysis


  • Optic Nerve Head & Ganglion Cell Combination OU Report- RNFL, Optic Disc Metrics & GCC with Normative Comparison
  • Change Analysis- RNFL & Optic Disc Metric Change
    Report with Normative Comparison


  • Pachymetry Mapping-Full 6mm diameter Corneal Thickness Map
    Cornea B-scan slice
  • Angle Measurement
  • OU Angle

iVue Scanner:
OCT Image: 26,000 A-scan/second
Frame Rate: 256 to 1024 A-scan/Frame
Depth Resolution (in tissue) : 5.0 μm
Transverse Resolution: 15μm (retina)
Scan Range:
Depth: 2 - 2.3mm (retina)
Scan Beam Wavelength:
Exposure Power at pupil:
OCT Fundus Image (En Face):
FOV: 21°(H) x 21°(V)
Minimum Pupil diameter: 2.5mm
External Image (Live IR)
FOV: 13mm x 9mm
Patient Interface:
Working Distance: 22mm / 15mm
Motorized Focus Range: -15D to +12D
Laptop PC
15.6” Display
running Windows XP

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