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Diaton IOP Tonometer- Through Eyelid and Sclera - Refurbished

-Refurbished unit in excellent condition Innovative Diaton Tonometer provides high reliability of measuring results and makes it possible to diagnose glaucoma on the early stage and appoint necessary treatment and medicines for adult as...

$ 1,995.00

Haag Streit Tonometer

The Applanation Tonometer 870 is to be mounted over the microscope of the slit lamp. The feeler arm protrudes from above into the path of the microscope and the illumination...

$ 495.00

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Icare® TA01i tonometer- Refurbished

Icare TAO1i tonometer for quick and easy IOP measurements without anesthesia or air The original Icare tonometer is based on a proven accurate measuring principle known as rebound technology.  A light weight...

$ 2,795.00

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6 month warranty Excellent condition   EASY AUTOMATIC ALIGNMENT AND MEASUREMENT Auto-tracking function allows the operator to instantly align and focus patient. Automeasurement function automatically takes measurements after proper alignment....

$ 4,995.00

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Reichert AT-555 NCT

6 month warranty included- parts and labor at our office.  Call us for details The AT555 is ideal for your practice or consulting room. Fully automated operation means fast, error-free...

$ 2,495.00

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Reichert AT550 - Non-Contact Tonometer

6 month warranty included- parts and labor at our office.  Call us for details The AT550 Auto Non-Contact Tonometer with hands-free auto alignment, quiet operation and the softest air puff...

$ 1,995.00

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Topcon CT-80 Non Contact Tonometer NCT

Innovative dual sensor system for accurate measurements Triple patient safety function New alignment bar & improved air cylinder reduces the interval time between measurements by 30% Built-in printer Fast, easy...

$ 3,995.00