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Chin rest repair for Zeiss 720-750, 720i-750i visual field

This repair is for broken chin rests on all 7xx Zeiss visual fields. This repair can be done by a doctor without technical experience. When following these instructions you will...

$ 395.00

Humphrey Zeiss HFA 750 Visual Field

The Zeiss Humphrey 750 visual field includes a multitude of features in addition to head tracking which automatically aligns the patients head during the test, keeping the eye aligned in...

$ 5,995.00

Oculus Easyfield C

This unit is SPARK compatible unlike most older units- see below for details INCLUDED: Easyfield unit Power supply for Easyfield Brand new laptop in box Power supply for laptop connection...

$ 4,995.00

Oculus Easyfield Perimeter

The Oculus Easyfield is an exciting compact perimeter that performs static perimetry up to 30°. It has been designed as a visual field screener and perimeter, offering features usually available...

$ 2,495.00


Universal Patient Response Button - compatible with Zeiss Humphrey visual fields Clicker

This is a universal patient response button, also called "the clicker", which can be used for visual field units.  Please check the plug in the photo compared to your unit. ...

$ 249.95

Universal Patient Response button Zeiss Humphrey FDT 710, Matrix 715, Matrix 800

Universal Patient Response button work with Zeiss Humphrey FDT 710, Matrix 715, Matrix 800. Will not work with HFA series visual fields (720-750).  If you need a cord for HFA...

$ 99.00

Zeiss / Humphrey 750i visual field Factory USB w/ LCD - Optional GPA HFA-NET PRO, Table, Warranty

Zeiss Humphrey 750i Visual Field- networkable. FACTORY USB model 1 year warranty available- parts and labor at our office.  Call us for details 40 GB hard drive LCD Screen upgrade included...

$ 8,995.00


Zeiss Humphrey 710 FDT- NEW RTC Battery -Perimeter Viewfinder software

The main issue these units have is that they have an internal battery soldered on the main board.  This battery has a life of 10-15 years.  We are one of...

$ 2,495.00

Zeiss Humphrey 735 Visual Field- Upgraded 720

The Humphrey 735 Perimeter, Field Analyzer II utilizes a computerized silent projection system to examine the patients visual field. Testing is performed with eleven test patterns with static threshold and...

$ 4,995.00

Zeiss Matrix 715 Perimeter

Includes keyboard and printed manual 6 month warranty (parts and labor in our office).  Ask us about an optional 1 year warranty. The Matrix Perimeter utilizes Frequency Doubling Technology. It represents...

$ 3,995.00


Zeiss Matrix 800

Newest model from Zeiss 6 month warranty Excellent condition Includes unit, keyboard, patient button, chin rest, support trays, user manual, power cable Questions? call us (phone number in last photo)...

$ 7,495.00

Zeiss/Humphrey 750i visual field -Optional GPA HFA-NET PRO,Table,Warranty

Zeiss Humphrey 750i Visual Field- networkable. 1 year warranty available- parts and labor at our office.  Call us for details 40 GB hard drive optional GPA installed for additional cost...

$ 4,995.00