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Topcon SL-D2 slit lamp -digital ready


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Topcon SL-D2 slit lamp is in excellent condition and patient ready.  

A cost effective instrument that doesn’t compromise on features and delivery.

  • Convergent / parallel optics for comfortable view
  • 3 magnification drum changer for quick selection of 10x, 16x and 25x
  • Omni directional joystick
  • Adjustable illumination level by rheostat
  • Built-in Amber filter, inserted and removed by rotary action, for color enhancement
  • Built-in Cobalt Blue and Red-free filters
  • Continuous adjustable slit to a maximum of 14mm in height and width
  • Digital Ready with joystick activated capture for DC-3 Camera Attachment
  • Accepts models 900 and 870 Applanation Tonometers with optional mount

With many features that enhance observation, clinical use and digital documentation capability, the “D” Series of Topcon Slit Lamps is the ideal choice for the demanding eye care professional.

OPTICS – Topcon is one of the world leaders in lens making. This means that Topcon manufactures its own lenses to outfit its optical instruments, providing uncompromised quality and optical excellence. Topcon’s specially treated lenses achieve a significant improvement in light transmission for a bright, clear and distortion-free view.

DESIGN – Topcon Slit Lamps are ergonomically designed with the eye care professional and the patient in mind. Easy accessibility and a streamlined body make them user and patient friendly. The SL “D” Series employs 12.5x hi-eyepoint eyepieces and Topcon’s original converging binocular tubes with a comfortable parallel magnification for sharp stereoscopic observation.

PRECISION – The Topcon original “Elite” mechanism with silky-smooth movement for elevation and cross plate sliding assures exact positioning of the instrument providing total control. Slit angle rotation from 0 to 180 degrees and slit decentration capability increases the flexibility of use.

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