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Breath Shield for Slit Lamp- SOLD AT COST $2.95 each

  In an effort to help protect the ophthalmic community we are providing breath shields at cost.  These guards are made from clear acrylic and are 7 1/2" tall x 6" wide.  They...

$ 2.95

Chin rest repair for Zeiss 720-750, 720i-750i visual field

This repair is for broken chin rests on all 7xx Zeiss visual fields. This repair can be done by a doctor without technical experience. When following these instructions you will...

$ 395.00

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Diaton IOP Tonometer- Through Eyelid and Sclera - Refurbished

-Refurbished unit in excellent condition Innovative Diaton Tonometer provides high reliability of measuring results and makes it possible to diagnose glaucoma on the early stage and appoint necessary treatment and medicines for adult as...

$ 1,995.00

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Digital Visual Acuity Panel Chart w/ remote and 24" TV

This is a new complete acuity system.  It includes the TV, TV remote, wall mount, Acuity unit and remote, including all power and connection cables.   Features: Fits any LCD...

$ 799.00

Ibex 2 step slit lamp

New 60 day trial period- no risk 3 year manufacturer warranty A Leap Forward in Slit Lamp Engineering Pushing ahead, IBEX’s (Slit Lamp) 4300K color temperature LED delivers new and...

$ 2,995.00

Lens holder replacement repair for Zeiss 720-750, 720i-750i, 840, 850 visual fields

Lens holder replacement for broken Zeiss visual fields. Repair / replacement for Zeiss HFA 720,730,735,740,745,750,720i,740i,750i.  Now also compatible with the 840 and 850 HFA3 units.  This repair is for IR...

$ 395.00

Phoropter Breath Shield- SOLD AT COST $3.95 each IN STOCK

Informational video showing installation and use of the Phoropter breath shield In an effort to help protect the ophthalmic community we are providing breath shields at cost. Our new phoropter breath shield is...

$ 3.95


Universal Patient Response Button - compatible with Zeiss Humphrey visual fields Clicker

This is a universal patient response button, also called "the clicker", which can be used for visual field units.  Please check the plug in the photo compared to your unit. ...

$ 249.95

Universal Patient Response button Zeiss Humphrey FDT 710, Matrix 715, Matrix 800

Universal Patient Response button work with Zeiss Humphrey FDT 710, Matrix 715, Matrix 800. Will not work with HFA series visual fields (720-750).  If you need a cord for HFA...

$ 99.00