Ibex 2 step slit lamp

Ibex 2 step slit lamp

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New 60 day trial period- no risk 3 year manufacturer warranty A Leap Forward in Slit Lamp Engineering Pushing ahead, IBEX’s (Slit Lamp) 4300K color temperature LED delivers new and...

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  • New
  • 60 day trial period- no risk
  • 3 year manufacturer warranty

A Leap Forward in Slit Lamp Engineering

Pushing ahead, IBEX’s (Slit Lamp) 4300K color temperature LED delivers new and high-contrast, homogeneous white light for substantial gains in slit lamp observation. These gains were once difficult, if not impossible to carry out with conventional illumination: increased tissue fluorescence, enhanced tissue differentiation, increased depth of field, shadow reduction, less temperature and second to none illumination intensity. It’s a leap beyond conventional tungsten and halogen illumination.

Breakthrough Color Temperature

Simply stated, IBEX’s LED driven 4300K color temperature breaks the barriers of conventional slit lamp observation. The homogeneous radiant white light delivers a host of observation gains including enhanced tissue fluorescence, better tissue differentiation, increased depth of field and shadow reduction – the latter is especially useful during increasingly popular indirect illumination.

Not familiar with color temperature? Color temperature is a characteristic of visible light, usually warm (yellowish), daylight (white) or cool (bluish). It’s measured in degrees of Kelvin (°K). During the past ten years the 3500K-4500K range has evolved as the color temperature of choice in today’s high-end operating microscopes and modern surgical suites for good reason: It creates superb contrast and enables surgeons to better differentiate tissue.

20mm Wide Field of View…Second to None

The exceptional 20mm field is useful when scanning within the anterior chamber, analyzing contact lens fit and for expanded views of the fundus.

Extraordinary LED Illumination

The single element LED is an evolution in slit lamp engineering. With high-contrast color temperature, impressive color rendering and exceptional illumination range of 24,420 lux to more than 1,000,000 lux, the IBEX LED is exceptional during direct, indirect and diffuse illumination.


Safety First – For Patients and Physicians

The Elimination of UV and IR

While the human eye is specifically designed to sense a small portion of the electromagnetic (EM) spectrum (i.e. visible light), it is also susceptible to damage when exposed to high energy levels across the EM spectrum. IBEX’s illumination system utilizes a combination of proprietary technologies to block dangerous infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) light. These breakthroughs in UV and IR protection substantially reduce retinal irradiation during retinal visualization.


Standard Apertures Dial

Slit Width 14mm (Continuous)
Slit Length 14mm (Continuous)
Slit Apertures 0.2, 1, 3, 4, 6, 10 and 14mm

Standard Internal Filters

Cobalt Blue
Green (Red-Free)
Neutral Density (0.50)

Industry First – IBEX Smart Leveling™ System

Finally, a simple and fast way to level your slit lamp – regardless of sloped floors or bent slit lamp arms. Just mount your IBEX slit lamp on your instrument stand – the same as always – then use the included hex key to turn the leveling screws. That’s it and the System is included as a standard accessory with every IBEX slit lamp. We’re the first to offer such a system at no additional cost.

98.9%Satisfaction Rate

Test Drive IBEX for 60-Days

The best way for you to experience an IBEX Slit Lamp is to take it for a Test Drive. In fact, we offer all customers an unprecedented 60-day Test Drive and Money Back Guarantee. Since introducing IBEX Slit Lamps in 2012, more than 98% of our customers love it’s performance. We’re confident that you’ll feel the same way!


Three-Year Comprehensive Warranty

IBEX Slit Lamps are guaranteed for thirty-six months against faulty workmanship, materials or factory assembly. The Warranty is a Return-To-Base (RTB) Basis at the cost of the customer. All parts and services rendered are included at no additional cost to the customer and in most cases the work is completed within 2-3 working days.

The IBEX LED is designed to operate with consistency for 15,000-20,000 hours of continuous use and therefore is considered as a non-consumable item. In the unlikely event of LED failure within or after the warranty period, please contact Trevi Technology, Inc. for a replacement.

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